Welcome to Kinbasha Gaming International, Inc.

Kinbasha Gaming International, Inc. (OTCQX: KNBA) is a retail gaming company with plans for expansion in Japan’s gaming and food and beverage industries. Founded in 1957, currently Kinbasha’s principal business is the ownership and operation of retail gaming establishments that offer customers the opportunity to play the game of chance known as pachinko. Pachinko is played on a device which resembles a slot machine.

Kinbasha currently employs approximately 1,000 people and owns 21 pachinko parlors in the prefectures of Chiba, Ibaraki and Tokyo. Kinbasha shares are listed on the OTCQX, with Real-Time Level 2 quotes for the company available at otcmarkets.com.

An Emerging Growth Pachinko Operator

Kinbasha Gaming International, Inc. is committed to creating a major pachinko organization with diversified services through a targeted rollout and acquisition strategy in Japan’s major metropolitan areas, targeting Tokyo.

The company’s stores are strategically located in areas that are convenient and accessible to local residents. Kinbasha’s locations are known by its customers to be clean, attractive and comfortable. The primary driver for growth in the past has been the successful addition of new stores and enhancements to the operational efficiency of existing locations.

Unlike stores operated by smaller “mom-and-pop” operators, Kinbasha’s facilities are upper scale, featuring a selection of the latest pachinko and pachislo machines at each center. Six of the stores have cafes located on the premises, and three of the stores have daycare services on site. Kinbasha’s largest store has 520 pachinko machines, and the smallest store has 164 pachinko machines.

Kinbasha’s pachinko parlors are highly customer-oriented, many with full cocktail options, food service and other amenities available. Across its locations, Kinbasha has over 225 full time employees and 700 part time employees catering to its customers every need and supplying critical back-office support.

To achieve Kinbasha’s plans for future growth, management intends to obtain additional capital to build out and acquire additional Pachinko parlor stores within the Tokyo Metropolitan Area, and begin to shift the company’s strong branding, successful operations teams and proprietary gaming analytics technology to areas where Pachinko stores are up to three times more profitable.